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413-733-1818 299 Carew St # 400, Springfield, MA

Did you know you can still meet with your eye doctor even if you cannot come into the office?

We understand that not everyone is comfortable leaving their home during this time, so we offer telemedicine appointments. Instead of in-person communication, Dr. Henderson can communicate with you via video chat and provide advice and treatment from the comfort of your home.

To schedule a telemedicine appointment, give our office a call and describe the problem you are having. We can take all of your information over the phone and schedule a time for your telemedicine appointment.

Telemedicine FAQS:

What if I have new vision changes, eye pain, or other concerning symptoms?

Call us to explain your situation, and we will set up a telemedicine consultation or an urgent office visit.

How do I communicate with the doctor during the telemedicine call?

The doctor will schedule a video call on your smartphone or other electronic devices. Then, you will talk to them like you usually would on a video call.

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Please call us for a telemedicine appointment at 413-733-1818.

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